Irving A. Backman showing results of his innovative technologies by holding a cup of clean water in one hand and a cup of dirty water in the other hand. The before and after.

Irving A. Backman

Irving A. Backman is an internationally renowned benefactor of sustainability and advanced technology initiatives and leader of the DATT Group (Developers of Advanced Technology Today).

For almost four decades, Mr. Backman has led a team of scientists, developers, entrepreneurs and businessmen, dedicating their intellectual resources and skills for the advancement of earth-friendly technologies relating to the reduction of Global Warming and climate change.

This includes the areas of alternative sources of energy to reduce the consumption of Fossil Fuels; methods of enhancing the immune system for multiple diseases by more effectively controlling diseases of the mouth or body; providing clean, drinkable water from contaminated sources; and developing a new low weight, non-fossil fuel, collapsible commuter vehicle.

For example:

  • An advanced, innovative technology will allow conversion of dirty, brackish, salt and contaminated water to clean, drinkable water without the need for costly Reverse Osmosis (RO) and expensive microfiltration membranes, filters, harsh chemicals and high electricity costs.Housed in a portable container weighing less than 100 pounds, 50,000 gallons of drinkable water can be processed daily, directly at the source. The complete unit can be shipped by air to anywhere in the world in 24-48 hours.
  • A new, four-wheeled, electric-powered portable mini-transporter that folds sufficiently to be carried in most any car, taxi, bus, or boat. It provides easy-to-use, stable quiet, non-polluting transportation weighing under 40 lbs. Ideal for students, seniors, and most commuting needs or connection to public transportation in high traffic areas. It can be carried or wheeled to any classroom, doctor’s or dentist appointments. Excellent vehicle to assist police, first-responder and security activities.

Mr. Backman concluded, “The rapidly growing demands to improve sustainability and saving the environment are opportunities for The DATT Group to be a leading pioneer with realistic answers on how to reduce Global Warming and climate change in the next three to five years. The DATT Group is an excellent position to lead Massachusetts becoming the energy capital of the world.”

Acopia Harvest is an RI-based sustainable technology company that specializes in hydroponics “Green Machine™“. Via Project Sprout, an educational program for children, Acopia Harvest introduces affordable, manageable, and sustainable hydroponics systems in schools, homes and businesses across the nation and internationally. Our aim is to reduce carbon emissions to the environment via local food education, production and safety practices.

IBA Global, LLC is comprised of a team of scientists, developers, entrepreneurs and businessmen dedicated to the advancement of Earth-friendly technologies relating to energy, sustainability, and other alternate methods. We are a forward-thinking, motivated group that seeks solutions for the social, economic and environmental pressures facing society.

Integrated Systems International (aka ISI Energy Controls) developed the Energy Avenger™ a Lighting Control System that reduces costs of energy by 20-28% for essential HID lighting, including municipal street lights and highways, airports, parking garages and lots, schools, plant facilities, hospitals, military bases, and malls, without the need to change any bulbs, ballast boxes or wiring.

AgriPower, Incorporated, is a Biomass Waste-to-Energy technology using all types of wood, cardboard, paper, agricultural by-products, forest residuals and manure to cleanly produce low-cost, on-site, base load, heat energy, air conditioning, refrigeration, and electricity. AgriPower Pacific is an independent business unit operating on the West Coast and Hawaii. The waste-to-heat energy conversion system is ideal for the Pacific Islands where fuel is very expensive, and green energy is a much sought-after goal. This is an ideal solution for many applications ranging from air conditioning to heating water.